Pecks Farm Shop Ethical Statement


A sustainable agricultural system is one that can indefinitely meet the requirements for food and fibre at socially acceptable, economical and environmental costs.


We only use reputable suppliers and can trace all of our produce to source.


We all impact upon the environment in many ways at Pecks Farm Shop our aim is to reduce any negative impacts of our operations and to make a positive contribution to our surroundings.

We have identified the key environmental impact of our activities, and have initiated an ongoing review programme to ensure that we continue to introduce and improve measures that we can take to reduce any adverse environmental impacts and prevent pollution. Our Environmental System is progressively being introduced to coincide with our long-term business objectives and it seeks to:-

  1. comply with all environmental legislation
  2. reduce waste at source via efficient use of resources and encourage recycling of waste
  3. work towards increasing efficiency at all times
  4. monitor and improve the performance of vehicles owned by Pecks Farm Shop
  5. progressively make employees aware of the environmental issues relevant to their role within Pecks Farm Shop
  6. take into account the adverse impact on the environment of any capital expenditure project.
Carbon Foot Print

We are always looking for ways of reducing our carbon foot print primarily by sourcing as much produce as possible from local growers and suppliers.


We hope to continue our commitment to recycle and to reduce our Carbon Foot Print

Air Miles
We try to purchase locally whenever possible and commercially viable.


All our cardboard and plastic is recycled.

We offer paper bags for customers to put their produce into and have invested in bio degradable carrier bags for those who have not got their own or purchased one of our environmentally friendly Bags for Life.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are a Farm Shop small business and view things like recycling and waste minimisation as plain old good business practice.

We believe strongly in supporting the local economy, we source local produce, employ local people and endeavour to look after our environment as effectively as possible.

Where we are unable to source products locally, like tea and coffee we ensure that those that we do purchase are Free Trade and are active in supporting their own local economies.
Opening Times:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm,
Thursday late opening 9am - 7.30pm, Sundays 10am - 3pm.   
Shop Telephone: 01525 211 859 
Office Telephone: 01525 210 281 
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