Straw & Hay Bales

Bedfordshire's premium quality hay and straw bales are available. Grown and harvested here on Stockwell Farm it is renowned for its 'cleanness'. We regularly receive positive feedback from happy horse owners on the quality of our rubbish free hay.  

Also Makes Perfect Seating at Events and Parties...
Our straw and hale bales are not only perfect for barn dances but also corporate events, kids parties and even wedding parties. Scattered around they make comfortable seating (and are great for kids to climb over safely).

Hay Bales now available, our own freshly mown premium sweet smelling hay only 7.00 a bale - approx 30 kg. Discounts available for larger orders - price on application.

We also have f
resh, fragrant Straw Bales available. Price available on application.

Did you know that our bales have been used for a varierty of purposes, including:

- Used on a film set at Ashridge

- On an assault course

- To create a temporary dog enclosure

- Informal seating and play area at weddings

- For childrens parties (dragons and princess parties especially popular)

- Informal seating at Beer festivals

- Barn dances

- Toddler playpen at a street party

We also have hay bags available for domestic pet use (hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs). These large plastic bags are 1.75 and available at Pecks Farm Shop.

Available for collection 7 days per week. We can deliver with prices starting from 1 per mile. Ask for a delivery price for orders over 100 bales. Call us on 01525 210281 today to reserve your supply.

Opening Times:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm,
Thursday late opening 9am - 7.30pm, Sundays 10am - 3pm.   
Shop Telephone: 01525 211 859 
Office Telephone: 01525 210 281 
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